5 Great Floral Swing Dresses for Spring / Summer from Miss Fortune!

Tis the season to wear florals!  We’re loving the current spell of warm weather in the UK, we can finally start to break out the summer wardrobe!  It’s been so lovely I’ve even been tempted to buy a garden parasol, think positive, I say!

We’ve got 5 new floral print dresses so far this season in a variety of colours to suit all tastes!

One Fine day!

First off we have the One Fine Day Dress in Cream Rose and Red Rose.  A wing bust swing dress with halter neck ties in complimentary plain cotton.  The dresses come with the elastic belts so you just need a petticoat to finish off the look!

One Fine Day Dresses
Find the One Fine Day Dresses here:

Lady Luck!

Next up we have 3 new additions to our popular Lady Luck range.  We’ve been listening to your requests for a greater variety of colours and as such we have pick out a really fresh spring green and pale sky blue for 2 of our new colourways of the Lady Luck swing dress.

Lady Luck Swing Dresses

finally we have a rather sophisticated Red & White Tea Rose print!

Lady Luck Tea Rose

Find the Lady Luck Dresses here;

Here’s to a long hot summer and plenty of opportunities to give our summer wardrobes a good airing!


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New Dresses at Miss Fortune this Spring!

The weather is starting to pick up here and our minds are turning to car shows, music festivals and days out in the sunshine!

We’ve recently received 2 style of dress in various colourways and patterns that are going down a storm already!


Classic off the shoulder styling in a wiggle dress, day dress and swing dress!

Carrie Wiggle Dress in Zebra print for when you’re feeling foxy!
Find it here:
Carrie Wiggle Dress - Zebra

The Carrie Day Dress in Poodle Print, perfect for a day out in the sunshine!
Find it here:
Carrie Day Dress - Poodle

The Carrie Swing Dress in Cherry Print, great for swinging the night away!
Find it here:


Three patterns of our classic Lady Luck Swing dress for you consideration …

The demure Tea Rose Lady Luck Dress, perfect for a spring wedding or afternoon tea.  Perfect for fans of that vintage style.
Find it here:
Lady Luck - Tea Rose

If floral isn’t your thing, how about the monochrome Swallow print Lady Luck Dress with darling little birdies and micro polkadots.
Find it here:
Lady Luck - Swallows
Lady Luck - Swallows

Finally, who can resist the Lady Luck dress in Classic Cherry?! A wardrobe must have!
Find it here:
Lady Luck Swing - Cherry


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Last Day of 30% Sale! Sunday 5th Jauanry!

Our 30% OFF sale ends at midnight 5th January 2014 (uk time).
Get 30% off using CODE: SALE30 at checkout!

Miss Fortune christmas discount code

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* Offer is only valid for retail customers, not wholesale customers.
* Offer is valid until midnight, UK time, on Sunday 5th January 2014.
* 30% discount applies to goods total but not to shipping.
* Offer can be used more than once.
* Offer is available to retail customers worldwide.
* 30% can be applied to all item for sale on the website.
* Offer is only applicable to items purchased though www.missfortune.co.uk

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Miss Fortune!

Miss Fortune at Christmas

We’d like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New year from Miss Fortune!

So in love with this image of Frankii Wilde, Zara Ann & Little Gem by Miss Rain Photography!

The ladies are wearing (from left to right): Minx Dress, Betty Bow Dress & Zara Dress

Find them all at: www.missfortune.co.uk

What this space on Boxing Day for details of our post Christmas sale!

It’s time to celebrate! We have dresses for your Christmas & New Year parties!

Still looking for that perfect dress for your Christmas or New Year party?!  Check out the selection of dresses from Miss Fortune’s Autumn/Winter collection!

Betty Bow Swing Dress
The glamorous Betty Bow Swing Dresses in Red or Purple
Find them here:


Zara Dresses
Like funky patterns? Try our Zara Dress in Flamingo, Leopard or Peacock.Find them here:


Carrie DressAtomic Wiggle Dress
Indulge your wild wide side with the Atomic Wiggle Dress in Leopard (right) or the new Carrie Dress (left) which is coming soon to the website!
Find the Atomic Wiggle dress here:
You’ll find the Carrie Dress here once it is in stock:http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=brandshow&ref=carrie&sid=ywdo5xk123t6l49l04c147220pu394t3


Shirt Dress - HorrorStep over to the dark side with our Horror Print Shirt Dress!
Find it here:


Fins Dress - Black

Fins Dress - RedReally make a statement in our Fins Dress, which is coming soon to the website!
Once in stock you will find it here:


Hope you all enjoy the party season! If you have any snaps of you in your Miss Fortune outfit over the festive period email them to info@missfortune.co.uk and we’ll add them to our customer gallery!


To find out more about Miss Fortune check out:

Flirty Skirty! We’ve got your botton half covered!

So many great new styles of skirts have arrived in the past couple of weeks here at Miss Fortune, we just had to share them with you!

The “V for Va Va Voom” skirt has an intricate and flattering, top stitched, flattering V shaped waist line.  Get your wiggle on in 4 different colourways; Red, Black, Blue and Purple!

V For Va Va Voom Pencil Skirt - Red
Find it here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=MF13AW017A_retail&sid=221622q323sgs05s5daq1ry689o1pvv8

V For Va Va Voom Pencil Skirt - Purple
Find it here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=MF13AW016A_retail&sid=221622q323sgs05s5daq1ry689o1pvv8

V For Va Va Voom Pencil Skirt - Blue
Find it here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=MF13AW015A_retail&sid=221622q323sgs05s5daq1ry689o1pvv8

V For Va Va Voom Pencil Skirt - Black
Find it here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=MF13AW014A_retail&sid=221622q323sgs05s5daq1ry689o1pvv8


A new colourway of our Simple Pleasures Circle Skirt has just arrived, luscious cherry print!  We have also re-stocked our classic leopard print colourway!

Simple Circle Skirt - CherryFind it here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=MF13AW018A_retail&sid=3387509g622kt70pzqw03ecg832o3862

Simple Circle Skirt - leopardFind it here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=MF13SS021A_retail&sid=3387509g622kt70pzqw03ecg832o3862


A brand new style of circle skirt this season is the Betty Bow Circle Skirt!  Available in 3 colourways to have you swinging and swaying this festive season!

Betty Bow Circle Skirt - RedFind it here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=MF13AW021A_retail&sid=n9c7z92ff308uo4teia8a39g77yi63s4

Betty Bow Circle Skirt - PinkFind it here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=MF13AW020A_retail&sid=n9c7z92ff308uo4teia8a39g77yi63s4

Betty Bow Circle Skirt - Black

Find it here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=prodshow&ref=MF13AW019A_retail&sid=n9c7z92ff308uo4teia8a39g77yi63s4


If that’s not enough for you we will also have a pencil skirt version of the Betty Bow Skirt coming into stock in the next couple of weeks!

Betty Bow Pencil Skirt - Black Betty Bow Pencil Skirt - Red
Once in stock you can will find there here:


Find all our clothing and news about Miss Fortune on our website:




Behind the Scenes at the Miss Fortune Autumn/Winter Photoshoot!

Here’s a fun look behind the scenes at what we get up to when shooting the studio images for our catalogue/website!  This was the shoot for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.

We were shooting at Miss Rain Photography‘s studio in Nottingham with our regular ladies Miss Zara Ann, Frankii Wilde & Little Gem.  We’ve all worked together lots in the past and shooting together is always a hoot as everyone has a great sense of humour!  I really look forward to these days 🙂

Here are some, very much unedited, shots for your viewing pleasure!

Gem likes to have fun with skirts!
Fun with skirts!

Frankii just likes to have fun!
Frankii just likes to have fun

Raising the roof!
The models think we do this for our own amusement but it’s really to get the perfect skirt shots with no hands in the way … honest!
Raising the roof!

Are you ready for your close up gem?!
Are you ready for your close up?!

It’s a rather hot day in the studio, as we give the lights a break it’s time for some silhouettes!
When the lights out ...

Back to business!
Frankii Strikes a pose while Zara waits for her turn in the spotlightStriking a pose and waiting your turn!

The best times are when we get the ladies to model together …

Raaaaw! Shove! They love each other really!
Best of friends

These have got to be some of my fav out-takes from the shoot!
Best of friends

We were also planning ahead to Halloween with a Halloween themed pin ups shoot! Can not wait to publish the final shots from this set later in the year!

A rubber rat toy from the Halloween shoot made an unscheduled appearance in the shots of our classic Varsity cardigans! 
Game of Ratball anyone?!
Good job they’re good sports!

Setting up for some shots can be a little precarious! Careful, Miss Rain!

Wrapping up the Halloween shoot! Yeeeaaaaah!
It's a wrap!

Oh, just one last thing, how could we forget this ….

Right before the shoot this post on Buzzfeed came to light “12 Ways To Achieve The Very Best Glamour Shot”, we all laughed so hard at this!

Little Gem decided she wanted to do her own homage to these “Glamour” shots …..

Play with your collar! Wrap yourself in something glamorous! Show some flesh!

Work it Gem, the camera loves you daaaaahling!


Well, I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did!!


Keep an eye on our website and facebook for the new autumn/winter collection, to be released around late September!


New In Stock This Season At Miss Fortune! Dresses, Skirts & Shirts, Oh My!

Well now, we haven’t been keeping up with our “This Week At Miss Fortune” posts for a months or so, slapped wrists for us!  So, we thought we’d catch you up with the new items that have been hitting the website in recent weeks, here goes!

Lady Luck Swing - CherryDot
Our new cherry print pattern for our favourite Lady Luck Swing dress!
Find it here:


Trixie Wiggle Dress Trixie Dress Red comp
The slinky new Trixie Wiggle Dress in black/leopard or red/black!
Find them here:


One Fine Day Dress
Polka Red comp
We love the new “One Fine Day” Swing Dress, so great for summer! Red/Pink or Blue/Yellow microdot print.
Find them here:


Racer Shirt Black
Racer Girl Shirts in red or black. Great for wearing with your high waisted jeans for a summer barbecue or car show!
Find them here:
Racer Shirt Red


Simple Circle Skirt - leopard
Our circle skirt in our Simple Pleasures range, a great leopard print skirt that you can match with so many tops!
Find it here:


Signature Skirt Black
A great new colourway for our classic Signature Turned Up Skirt! Dark Brown stretch denim.
Find it here:


Minx Dress
A stunning new satin Minx Dress in 2 colourways, great for summer soirées!
Find them here:
http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=brandshow&ref=minx&sid=09vk30rex9d1dt0289510a23wdd2cf05Minx dress 5 comp


We hope you love all our new summer garments!

Find out more about Miss Fortune at:

This Week At Miss Fortune: Nautical Tops & Scarlett Tops are back in stock!

This week at Miss Fortune we have been restocking knitwear, which seems rather appropriate in the UK, given the almost wintery weather we’ve been having brr!

The Nautical Red Stripe Top and 5 colourways of the Scarlett Top are now back in stock!

Nautical Shoulder Top - red stripe
Nautical Shoulder Top – Red Stripe
Find it here:

Scarlett Tops
Scarlett Should Tops
Find them here:http://www.missfortune.co.uk/xcs/index.php?app=gbu0&ns=brandshow&ref=Scarlett&sid=6w5m9042878v1julhmbbvs2906a7a34e


Find out more about Miss Fortune at: