Miss Fortune is 10 years old! A celebration of our journey so far!

Get the party poppers out, Miss Fortune is 10 years old this month! Wooo! I just can’t believe it, how time has flown by!  In this blog I thought I would take time to look back over the journey so … Continue reading

Miss Fortune on the Catwalk at Americana International Festival!

Blimey! How time has flown since Americana International Festival in July!  We’ve been super busy moving offices and preparing for Autumn/Winter.  I’ve finally managed to grab 5 minutes to blog some of the photos and the video from the show!

The Rockin’ Fashion show, organised by BooBoo Kitty Couture, took place at the Americana International Festival, a great outdoor American vehicle & music show in Leicestershire, UK.

Americana 2014 fashion flyer

We got to visit the show on the 2nd day of the weekend and although the weather may have been a little inclement as we arrived, inside the big blue top collections from 12 great brands and 18 beautiful pinups were ready to brightened up the day!  As the afternoon wore on the sun even put in an appearance!

The Big Top!

Here’s our 6 fantastic ladies on the catwalk, as photographed by the wonderful Luna Photography

Bea SinfulBea Sinful
Bea Sinful, wearing our Fins Dres.
Buy the Fins Dresses here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/index.php/fins.html

Glody Loxx
Goldy Loxx, wearing our One Fine Day Dress in red rose print.
Buy the One Fine Day Dress here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/index.php/one-fine-day.html

Jezebel De VilleJezebel De Ville
Jezebel De Ville, wearing our Emma Dress in Hawaiian Print.But the Emma Dress here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/index.php/onlineexclusives.html

Violet Leys
Violet Leys, wearing our Carrie Swing Dress in cherry print.Buy the Carrie Dress here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/index.php/carrie.html

Hellkat, wearing our Sandy Swing Dress in blue tartan.
Buy the Sandy Dress here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/index.php/sandy.html

Sailor Cherry
Last but not least! Sailor Cherry, wearing our Nautical Sun Top & Anchor Circle Skirt.
Buy our Nautical range here: http://www.missfortune.co.uk/index.php/nautical.html

All of the ladies, backstage after the show!
Miss Fortune collection

Hellkat wanted a photo with one for the hotrods, so we took a quick snap for her after the show!

All of the models from the show, in the shadow of the big top!
All The Models!

aww happy summer memories!

Watch our amateur clip of the show here:

Thanks to all the models and organisers!

Find out more about Miss Fortune at:


Miss Fortune in The Vintage Fashion Revue at the Rockabilly Rave!

Last month we had the pleasure of sending off a collection for The Vintage Fashion Revue by Bettina Scarlett Presents at the Rockabilly Rave festival in the south of England.

We couldn’t make it down ourselves but over the last few weeks photos by a variety of photographers have come in so we can now give you a taste of the action!

The Vintage Fashion Revue

Anna Time Photographer 1Anna Time Photographer 2
Jodie Leigh Wild wearing our Scarlett Top & V for Va Va Voom Skirt.
Photos: Anna Time Photographer

Anna Time Photographer 3Stephen Plumb Photography 1
Little Gem wearing our Lady Luck Swing Dress in green rose print.
Photos: Anna Time Photographer (left), Stephen Plumb Photography (right)

Stephen Plumb Photography 5Anna Time Photographer 6
Missy Malone wearing our Carrie Wiggle Dress in zebra print.
Photos: Stephen Plumb Photography (left), Anna Time Photographer (right)

Ellie-Rose Photography 2
Roxie Roulette wearing our One Fine Day Dress in cream rose print.
Photo: Ellie-Rose Photography

Anna Time Photographer 4Stephen Plumb Photography 2
Fräulein Lola in our Carrie Day Dress in black poodle print.
Photos: Anna Time Photographer (left), Stephen Plumb Photography (right)

Stephen Plumb Photography 7Stephen Plumb Photography 8
Tracy Ryan wearing our Nautical Anchor Dress.
Photos: Stephen Plumb Photography

Anna Time Photographer 5
Coco Lopes wearing our Zara Dress in flamingo print.
Photo: Anna Time Photographer

Katrin Rosa Stefansdottir 1Anna Time Photographer 7
Ellie-Rose Photography 5
Bernie Dexter wearing our Fins Dress in red/black.
Photos: Katrin Rosa Stefansdottir (top left), Anna Time Photogrpahy (top right), Ellie-Rose Photography (lower).


Here is video Mayhem Rockabilly kindly took of the full fashion show! Ours is the First collection on the catwalk!


Find out more about Miss Fortune at



American International “Rockin Fashion Show”, featuring Miss Fortune!


Americana International festival

Well, we had a super hot but super fun time at the Americana International festival in Newark, Nottinghamshire recently!  We had a collection in the fashion show, which was hosted by BooBoo Kitty Couture of Nottingham.

2013 Fashion Show Flyer 2013 Americana flyer

I can not tell you how hot it was that weekend in the backstage area of this show, scorchio!  Massive praise to all the models who managed to stay looking flawless in the heat!


Our partner in crime, Miss Rain Photography, was at the event taking photos of all the ladies in their finery, strutting their stuff in the show.  Here’s is our collection on the catwalk….

Little Gem
Our very own Little Gem, looking classy, wearing the Minx Dress in Black/Blue stain.
Find the dress here:

Lucille, looking stunning in our Trixie Wiggle Dress!
Find it here:

Stephanie Jay
Stephanie Jay, breezing down the catwalk in our Denim Swing trousers and upcoming Hawaiian print Cropped Shirt!
Once available you will find the shirt here:

Emma Lou
Emma Lou in our “One Fine Day” Dress, the fan was beautiful but also very necessary in that heat!
Find the dress here:

Sailor Cherry
Sailor Cherry, wearing our Alice Circle Skirt and Racer Girl Shirt! Love this outfit, so cute!
Find the skirt here:
and the shirt here:

Miss Jessica Holly
Miss Jessica Holly, dressed for the weather in our summary Sunset print Lola Warp Dress!
Find the dress here:

The ladies do one final turn on the catwalk!
All the ladies!


If that’s not enough, really get a taste of the action by watching our short amateur video of the show!

Miss Fortune at the Rockabilly Rave catwalk show ‘The Vintage Fashion Revue’!

The Rockabilly Rave festival is the first of 2 festivals with catwalk shows we are showing a collection at this summer!

In mid June retro darling Bettina Scatlett bought her brand of cat walk show The Vintage Fashion Revue to the Rockabilly Rave festival in East Sussex, UK.

Rockabilly Rave

Many great retro fashion brands took to the catwalk, worn by 8 beautiful pin ups including non other than Bernie Dexter!

We were lucky to get quite a few nice shots back from the show, which was well attended by patrons of the festival.  Here are a selected few…

The Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by ReapfolioThe Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by Reapfolio
Bernie Dexter wearing our Nautical off the Shoulder top and Nautical Skirt
Photos by Reapfolio

The Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by Reapfolio e Fashion Revue.  Photo by RSUBSCULPTURES - Fine Art and Photography
Little Gem wears our Lola Wrap Dress in Brown Hawaiian Print.
Photos by Reapfolio & SUBSCULPTURES – Fine Art and Photography

The Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by  Reapfolio The Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by Reapfolio
Jodie wears our Pink Varsity Cardigan and navy Signature Skirt
Photos by Reapfilio

The Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by ReapfolioThe Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by Tony Bruce
Eva L’amour wears our Lady Luck Swing Dress in Cherry Polkadot
Photos by Reapfolio & Tony Bruce

The Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by Reapfolio The Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by Reapfolio
Solene wears our red Atomic Wiggle Dress and Jessica wears our Rose Lee Top matched with Tropical Fiesta Skirt
Photos by Reapfolio

The Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by ReapfolioThe Vintage Fashion Revue.  Photo by  SUBSCULPTURES - Fine Art and Photography
Coco Lopes wears our Lola Swing Dress in Blue/Pink Hawaiian print
Photos by Reapfolio & SUBSCULPTURES – Fine Art and Photography

What a great event! We can’t wait to see shows The Vintage Fashion Revue comes to next!


You can find all the styles pictured here at:


We’ll leave you with a youtube video, a compilation of photos and video clips of all the brands in the show, enjoy!

This Week At Miss Fortune: New Lux De Ville Bags & Catwalk Collection At The Rockabilly Rave!

This Week At Miss Fortune:

We missed last weeks instalment of ‘This Week At Miss Fortune’ as we were moving offices! It’s so lovely to have a bit more space to organise ourselves!  Here is quick snap of one of our 3 rooms, our office and design room, in case you’re curious!

One of our new offices!


Catwalk Show At Rockabilly Rave!

We are please to announce that we have been asked to show a collection at the fashion show, ‘The Vintage Fashion Revue’, at the Rockabilly Rave festival, which takes place 13th-17th June in East Sussex.  We are really looking forward to seeing the photos from this one!

Rockabilly Rave Poster


New Goodies From Lux De Ville!

As well as restocking some of your favourite Lux De Ville handbags we have added 3 new handbags to the website!

New Lux De Ville Bags

Visit the handbag section of our website here:


That concludes your weekly update!