Miss Fortune at the Hemsby Pinup Pageant!


As May rolls around it must be Hemsby time of year again!  We jumped at the chance to be a part of the pinup pageant for the 3rd year running!

Our contestant this year is 19 year old Olivia, dancer and aspiring pinup model.

Hemsby flyerOlivia

I have to admit we were pretty short of time for planning once we had found our contestant … next day delivery may have been involved! ha ha

As part of being a sponsor for the show we also provided goodie bags for all of the contestants which we had a lot of fun putting together!  They had an assortment of nail varnishes, sweets, earrings, sunglasses and purses etc!


This year it was just one outfit for each contestant and we were to choose out own theme.  As we are all dying for summer to hurry up and happen we decided to bring a little sunshine to proceedings with an Hawaiian theme outfit.

Pyramid Clicks 5[Photo courtesy of Pyramid Clicks]
The stage was set and the audience ready and waiting! Time to bring out the pinups!

Pyramid Clicks 2[Photo courtesy of Pyramid Clicks]
Here Olivia enters the stage wearing our Lola Wrap Dress in Brown Hawaiian print.

The pinups all came out and did a little routine to music

[Photos courtesy of Becca Goodrich Photography]

We don’t have any video at this time of Olivia on the stage so here’s the song we chose to aid your imagination of the routine!

IMG_6021[Photos courtesy of Becca Goodrich Photography]

After the routines for all the ladies they came out on the stage while the audience placed their votes!  Don’t they all look fabulous?!

Pyramid Clicks 7[Photo courtesy of Pyramid Clicks]

Congratulations to Tracey, pictured here with the red sash, who won first prize!

Thank you to our pinup Olivia and to the show organisers!

If you like the Lola Wrap Dress in Brown Hawaiian print you can find it here:


Lola Wrap Dress - Brown

Find out more about Miss Fortune at:


Miss Fortune Logo


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