All the fun of the [trade] fair! Our day out at Craft, Hobby & Stitch.

For the most part my job involves a lot of rather unglamorous and sometime tedious admin and paperwork but the job also has it perks and taking a day of the office to go the Craft, Hobby & Stitch trade fair in Birmingham is one of them.

We spent a good 6 hours at the show and they were practically throwing us out at the end!  Although we’re there to loots at fabrics, for the most part, we can’t help but get drawn into looking at all the world of crafting has to off, in all it’s multi coloured glory!

Here’s a few snaps we took on our way!

Cute charms and buttons
Super cute charms and buttons! Wanted to take them all home with us 🙂

card making
Demo of some card making supplies that were right up our street. Fifties style gets everywhere these days!

tempting trims
Just about all the pom pom trim you could hope for some really sweet ribbon trims.

Trying not to be tempted by the Hsqvarna embroidery machines!

excellent coat!
Finally found our way to the fabric area of the show.  This chap knows how to sell his fabrics!  This coat reminded us of a past Doctor Who!  Apparently it is made from the pattern of a coat that was in Gone With The Wind.

fabric galor
Rail after rail for fabric beckoned!  The ones on the right, imported from Japan, were some of the more unusual on offer!

We can’t show you the fabrics we’re planning on ordering, that’s top secret!!

Hope you enjoyed our tour of the show!

Miss Fortune x


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