Bernie Dexter & Jessica Holly for Miss Fortune

We’ve had some lovely images from a couple of models recently!

Firstly the fabulous pin up model and retro clothing designer Bernie Dexter, from the States!

She really is a doll, we gave her a sample of our Peek-a-boo Top last year when we met her at the Americana fashion show and she has recently sent us some studio images of her in the top photographed by her lovely fella Levi Dexter!

Bernie Dexter in our Peek-a-boo top

Bernie Dexter in our Peek-a-boo top

Thanks Bernie! xox

You can find the Peek-a-boo top here:


Just landed in our inbox this morning!

With the bank holiday looming in the UK these images of Miss Jessica Holly in our sunset print Lola Wrap Dress taken by David Hammonds just make us want to run off to the beach! Swoon!

Miss Jessica Holly

Miss Jessica Holly

Miss Jessica Holly

Find our Lola Dress range here:




Behind the Scenes at the Miss Fortune Autumn/Winter Photoshoot!

Here’s a fun look behind the scenes at what we get up to when shooting the studio images for our catalogue/website!  This was the shoot for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.

We were shooting at Miss Rain Photography‘s studio in Nottingham with our regular ladies Miss Zara Ann, Frankii Wilde & Little Gem.  We’ve all worked together lots in the past and shooting together is always a hoot as everyone has a great sense of humour!  I really look forward to these days 🙂

Here are some, very much unedited, shots for your viewing pleasure!

Gem likes to have fun with skirts!
Fun with skirts!

Frankii just likes to have fun!
Frankii just likes to have fun

Raising the roof!
The models think we do this for our own amusement but it’s really to get the perfect skirt shots with no hands in the way … honest!
Raising the roof!

Are you ready for your close up gem?!
Are you ready for your close up?!

It’s a rather hot day in the studio, as we give the lights a break it’s time for some silhouettes!
When the lights out ...

Back to business!
Frankii Strikes a pose while Zara waits for her turn in the spotlightStriking a pose and waiting your turn!

The best times are when we get the ladies to model together …

Raaaaw! Shove! They love each other really!
Best of friends

These have got to be some of my fav out-takes from the shoot!
Best of friends

We were also planning ahead to Halloween with a Halloween themed pin ups shoot! Can not wait to publish the final shots from this set later in the year!

A rubber rat toy from the Halloween shoot made an unscheduled appearance in the shots of our classic Varsity cardigans! 
Game of Ratball anyone?!
Good job they’re good sports!

Setting up for some shots can be a little precarious! Careful, Miss Rain!

Wrapping up the Halloween shoot! Yeeeaaaaah!
It's a wrap!

Oh, just one last thing, how could we forget this ….

Right before the shoot this post on Buzzfeed came to light “12 Ways To Achieve The Very Best Glamour Shot”, we all laughed so hard at this!

Little Gem decided she wanted to do her own homage to these “Glamour” shots …..

Play with your collar! Wrap yourself in something glamorous! Show some flesh!

Work it Gem, the camera loves you daaaaahling!


Well, I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did!!


Keep an eye on our website and facebook for the new autumn/winter collection, to be released around late September!