This Week At Miss Fortune: Etsy Shop and Sweetheart Tops & Varsity Cardigans Restocked

This week at Miss Fortune ….

We Have Opened An Etsy Shop!

We have decided to open an shop so we can list our one off items and sample garments etc for our customers to buy.  There wont be a huge number of items in there but these items but what you will find is items you can’t buy anywhere else! is like Ebay but only with the Buy It Now items, you can pay with paypal just like you can on Ebay.

Check out our shop at:

Miss Fortune shop


Restocked This Week!

This week we have restock on the website all colours and all sizes XS-XXL of the Sweetheart Tops and the Varsity Cardigans!

Sweetheart Tops
Find the Sweetheart tops in our Tops section:

Varsity CardigansFind the Varsity Cardigans here on our Cardigans Page:


That’s all for this week at Miss Fortune!


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